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Applications :
All type of cup cakes, muffins, layer & Swiss roll cakes, biscuits & cookies, dairy cream cake powder

Applications :
Sponge cakes, cup cakes, biscuits & cookies. Product code: 1729491130

Applications :
Biscuits, clutche, cookies, toffee & wafers

Applications :
  Cup cakes, layer cakes, biscuits & wafers.

Applications :
Center filling, fat filling, wafers, biscuits and cakes, bonbon, toffee. 

Applications :
Cup cake & sponge cakes. All type of fat filling, chocolate filling, chocolate toffee.


Tejarat Essence Zamani LTD

Zamani Trading LTD has been importing & distributing flavours for 25 years in IRAN. ZAMANI Brand vanilla powder has been created, formulated in Europe, with European technology. Our special vanilla powder with minimum dosage, will cover up unpleasant egg smell in your cakes. It makes it be more delicious with long lasting vanilla taste & smell.